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Tracy Watson | Wedding Photographer

I am huge fan of love. I love ‘love’, I love being in love and seeing people in love. So when I started photography two years ago, I already knew that once I had mastered the craft, I would definitely go into wedding photography. Being a witness to two people deciding to share the rest of their lives together and more so, having the privilege to be  part of this special day, to capture these once in a lifetime moments for them, fills me with utmost joy. To know that whenever they look at my pictures, they’ll think of a day full of love, joy, happiness and peace, brings me pure pleasure.​

I’m 26 years old, of ghanaian descent, born and raised in Germany and a follower of Christ. I love food, good music and a beautiful sunset. If I’m not location scouting or shooting, you will most likely find me in my bed watching my favorite series. I have 2 older siblings, who I look up to, a hilarious dad and a passionately loving mom.


Photography helps me express myself without words. It helps me to really see the world and not overlook the little things we tend to pass by every day. Photography gives me a sense of purpose, it’s something I always look forward to. It gives me creative fulfillment.

I believe photography is my talent, but I also believe in Tim Notke’s words: “Hard Work Beats Talent When Talent Doesn’t Work Hard”. Based on this quote I always strive to become better at what I do, learning new things, exploring the unknown and staying focused.


Hi I'm Tracy Watson and if you are reading this you are thinking of making me  your wedding photographer, so give me a call :)

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